If the result is "OR" or water values outside the measuring range of the parameter on the PoolLab are expected, the water sample must be diluted (does not work with pH!)

Dilution is usually done with distilled water. For chlorine measurement, it can also be diluted with (German) tap water.


1. dilute the water to be measured with distilled water in the ratio given in the table and mix it thoroughly (for chlorine: do not stir/shake strongly, otherwise the chlorine will outgas)

2. Add 10 ml of this mixture to the cuvette for measurement

3. the measurement result must be multiplied by the factor from the table below The rule of thumb is: quantity of sample water multiplied by "x" = 10. "x" is the factor to be used.



2ml sample water plus 8ml distilled water = 10ml

factor calculation: 2ml times "x" = 10 "x" = 5 = factor