Item-Code Product Description
Pl2Sp-Pbox ProbeBOX 1.0 (device)
A/D-switch-box with BNC-IN and USB-Type-C-OUT to connect all electronic probes to PrimeLab 2.0 and/or LabCOM App/Software
PL2Sp-Probe-Holder ProbeBOX 1.0 Electrode-holder
For 3 electrodes (16mm), with cable duct. Additional opening for temperature sensor. Three joints for high flexibility and adjustment options.
PL2Sp-Probe-Stirrer Magnetic-stirrer
For stirring quantities up to 1 litre. Infinitely variable speed from 0 - 2500 rpm. White top plate suitable for observing colour reactions. 110/220 V power supply with plugs for EU/CH/UK/USA
EMKCL3Mbuf-500 Electrolyte-Solution
"KCl 3 mol/l", 500 ml bottle
EMKCL3Mbuf-1000 Electrolyte-Solution
"KCl 3 mol/l", 1000 ml bottle
EMKCL3Mbuf-10000 Electrolyte-Solution
"KCl 3 mol/l", 10 liter cubitainer
PL2Sp-PboxCable USB-cable for ProbeBOX 1.0
1 meter. Type-C / type-C