The LabCOM Cloud solution (free of charge) requires less than a minute for registration and provides full access to all test results, Accounts (water sites or locations) and individual water treatment chemicals either through a regular internet browser ( or on a smartphone (Android/iOS), tablet or on a computer(Windows / Mac). Data is synchronized automatically and instantly available to review.

The LabCOM Cloud includes the admin-tool to set up rules, run statistics and grant access to selected users.


Once a cloud Account is registered (free of charge), test results, administrator settings, rules and reports can be managed online:

Developer Tools

Enhancing our LabCOM Cloud service, we offer a developer API that empowers users to seamlessly integrate and access their water testing data with precision. Our API provides two flexible options: GraphQL and RESTful. With GraphQL, developers can construct efficient queries to retrieve specific data, tailoring their requests to meet individual needs. On the other hand, our RESTful API offers a traditional, yet robust, method to access a wealth of data. Both APIs are designed to facilitate easy interaction with our service, allowing users to seamlessly incorporate their water quality information into custom interfaces and applications. This empowers users with the ability to harness the full potential of their data and gain insights with ease, promoting a deeper understanding of water quality and efficient management of resources.